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The Ultimate Bid and Proposal Compendium


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Powerful Proposal Presentations PPP (eLearning)

Powerful Proposal Presentations PPP (eLearning)
Powerful Proposal Presentations PPP (eLearning)apmp_ceu_1
$ 89.00 each

Option Pack
Option: The Ultimate Bid and Proposal Compendium (Paperback)

(nur in Englisch verfügbar / only available in English)

This interactive, self-paced eLearning course enables you to develop powerful proposal presentations.

This course counts for 1 CEU for your APMP certification.

training icon smallThe course covers:

  • typical audience members and their true needs
  • the ideal agenda (7-point agenda)
  • key mistakes
  • how to introduce and sell your team
  • bringing key messages across that lead to a “yes”
  • alternatives to PowerPoint.


  • It takes about 1 hour to complete this training.
  • You have access to the course for 180 days.
  • CSK eLearning modules work on all Windows PCs, Macs and iPads.
  • The option pack includes all shown slides as a printable PDF file.

EUR 59.00 / USD 65.00 / CHF 65.00 for APMP members
EUR 79.00 / USD 89.00 / CHF 89.00 for non-APMP-members
EUR 69.00 / USD 75.00 / CHF 75.00 for APMP members, incl. option pack (PDF handout)
EUR 89.00 / USD 99.00 / CHF 99 for non-APMP-members, incl. option pack (PDF handout)

prices are excluding APMP membership

Duration: about 30 to 60 minutes

Available Languages: English


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