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What is the cost?

The examination fees vary between EUR 300 and 680, depending on the Certification Level. The fees for the individual preparation support or certification training depend on the training provider.

Certification Level

US Dollars

Pound Sterling


Australian Dollar Indian Rupee South African Rand Japanese Yen

Foundation-Level for
APMP members

USD 400

GBP 250

EUR 300

AUD 550 INR 17020  ZAR 3600 JPY 44400

Foundation-Level for

USD 600

GBP 430

EUR 480

AUD 930 INR 25560  ZAR 5400 JPY 66600

Practitioner -Level
(APMP members only)

USD 650

GBP 470

EUR 520

AUD 1010 INR 46800  ZAR 9900 JPY  72100

(APMP members only)

USD 850

GBP 610

EUR 680

AUD 1310 INR 61200 ZAR 12900 JPY 94400
Capture Practitioner

USD 650

GBP 470

EUR 520 AUD 1010 INR 46800  ZAR 9900 JPY 72100

The exam fees are regularly adjusted.

source: APMP International (as of March 2020)

Foundation-Level Certification Workshops

Public Certification Workshops are typically around EUR 300-400 per participant, excluding the examination fee.

For inhouse workshops, ask for an individual offer.

Coaching for Practitioner and Professional Certification

Ask your training provider or your ATO (Approved Training Organisation).