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new APMP foundation-level webinar series, starting Oct. 31, 2014

CSK Webinar SeriesCSK runs the next APMP Foundation-Level Webinar Series, starting October 31, 2014

The CSK Certification Webinar offers its proven Certification Preparation Workshop over the web (using WebEx). To combine the cost benefit of a typical web-based solution with the advantages of an on-site training, CSK offers a series of four Webinar sessions with a high level of interaction with a real trainer. As opposed to typical online training concepts, CSK provides interactive access to a real trainer delivered over the web. This means learners can resolve issues in real time and comprehension and retention is increased.

To compensate with the potential disadvantage of the fact that you might not be able to attend all the series, we record all webinars for you so that you still have access to the same content, too.

Please see details on this webinar series

new APMP foundation-level webinar series in Februa...
CSK is GOLD sponsor of the 7th APMP DACH conferenc...

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