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Who offers Certification Workshops?

To offer Certification training and preparation workshops, the training provider needs to be an „Approved Training Organisation“ (ATO) of APMP. In Europe, there are currently four ATOs.

CSK: Approved Training Organisation of APMP

The ATO status (Approved Training Organisation) allows CSK to provide APMP training workshops and run APMP-Foundation™ Level certification exams.

All prospective ATOs must go through an exhaustive approval process to ensure they meet the high quality course delivery of APMP certification standards. The process includes designating a lead trainer, attending and auditing workshops led by APMP’s Chief Examiner, developing course materials that meet APMP certification standards and having those materials approved.

CSK is the first bilingual ATO worldwide.

a) The CSK Foundation-Level Certification Workshop

The agenda of this workshop is designed to maximise the chances to pass the examination.

This 1-day workshop prepares the participants for the APMP Foundation-Level examination. It finishes with the written exam.

We guide the participants through the APMP Syllabus to make sure they know what areas are going to be tested.

  • The participants learn the necessary terminology.
  • We go through a complete set of sample questions to prepare for the exam.
  • The participants get tips and tricks for the examination (time management, answering techniques)
  • The course finishes with the exam. Participants are informed directly after the have made the test (pass/fail).

The course (and the examination) is in English.

b) The eLearning module "CSK Foundation-Level Prep Course" as an eLearning module: Maximum Flexibility

CSK eLearning AcademyThis interactive, self-paced eLearning course gives you a comprehensive overview on proposal management best practices to prepare you for the APMP Foundation-Level exam. It is also ideal as an introduction for new hires or as a refresher for experienced professionals.

The course covers the five key competency areas sales orientation, proposal planning, proposal development, proposal management, and information research and knowledge management. Over 70 APMP approved sample questions prepare you for the exam. It also provides useful hints on how to approach the Foundation exam.

  • It takes between three and six hours to complete this training.

  • You have access to the course for 180 days. During this time, you get free access to APMP-approved study materials and online lookup to the APMP Industry Glossary. With the purchase of this module, you will also benefit from the free access to a live trainer through CSK's bi-weekly expert sessions.

  • CSK eLearning modules work on all Windows PCs, Macs and iPads.

  • The option pack includes all shown slides as a printable PDF file as well an additional set of 75 online sample questions and their answers.

CSK eLearning:Screenshotsource: CSK eLearning Academy

c) Webinar: Live, but without travel costs

The CSK Certification Webinar offers its proven Certification Preparation Workshop over the web (using WebEx). To combine the cost benefit of a typical web-based solution with the advantages of an on-site training, CSK offers a series of four Webinar sessions with a high level of interaction with a real trainer.

Experience shows that fully automated trainings cannot lead to the same high level of pass rates as those where participants can discuss issues live with a trainer.  As opposed to typical online training concepts, CSK provides interactive access to a real trainer delivered over the web.  This means learners can resolve issues in real time and comprehension and retention is increased.  To compensate with the potential disadvantage of the fact that you might not be able to attend all the sessions, we record all webinars for you so that you still have access to the same content, too.

The Webinar is comprised of four training sessions of 45—60 minutes each. Experience shows that sessions longer than this result in a clearly reduced learning effect.


Between the Webinar sessions, you will (according to your level of experience and skills) be able to go through exercises and online sample questions.  

This course is suited for native English speakers.


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