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Get APMP certified!

APMP offers the world’s first Professional Certification Program for those working in a bid and proposal environment. The Program uses a process of examination and competency-based assessment, which is consistent and measured against worldwide best practice standards. With the Certification Program, employers provide their employees world-class bid and proposal management know-how, and they improve process quality.

Signature Certification
There are three levels. Participants start at Foundation and advance to Practitioner, and then to Professional. Each level is tested in a different way, requires a minimum level of experience, and verification with a self-selected reference.
The Capture Practitioner (CAP APMP) is dedicated for opportunity/capture professionals.

As opposed to the Signature Certification Scheme (Foundation, Practitioner, Professional, and Capture Practitioner) that is designed to cover the entire spectrum of Bid and Proposal Managers’ tasks, each Micro-Certification is focused on a single topic.
So, APMP’s Micro-Certifications are targeted at all those who deal with this topic, whether or not they are Bid or Proposal Managers.

PDF "APMP Certification - all you need to know."

The APMP Foundation™-Level

The APMP Foundation-Level Certification is the entry level for the program. Candidates should have one to three years of experience. With the Foundation-Level, candidates demonstrate their knowledge of Best Practices

The APMP Foundation-Level is open to non-APMP members, too.


The APMP Practitioner™-Level

At APMP Practitioner level, participants must go beyond a basic understanding of concepts and terms and prove that they can also put these into practice comprehensively.
The APMP Practitioner-Level is for those with three to seven years experience. It is open to all APMP members who have achieved Foundation-Level.


The APMP Professional™-Level

This is the highest level. Professionals have made a significant impact on their own organisations or a significant contribution to the business development community.

The APMP Professional-Level is open to all APMP members who have achieved Practitioner-Level.


The APMP Micro-Certification

The purpose of an APMP Micro-Certification is to measure whether a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the APMP Body of Knowledge (BoK) to act as an informed member of a bid and proposal team with regards to the topic.


APMP - Association of Proposal Management Professionals
Association for Proposal Management Professionals
Through association and education, we provide our members access to tools, methods, processes, innovations, talent and specialised expertise that can directly improve the ability to acquire new business and to sustain growth and competitiveness in a dynamic and demanding marketplace.
Our membership is growing rapidly into an internationally recognised association with membership and corporate sponsors from a diverse range of disciplines and industries. Our members are committed to the pursuit of proposal excellence. Our journey has been one of promoting the professionalism of our members and shaping the future of the proposal profession.
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Why APMP Certification?

The Certification brings many benefits for proposal managers as well as for companies and organisations.

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All our APMP Foundation trainings and most other CSK training modules are eligible for APMP CEUs.

All our APMP Foundation trainings are eligible for APMP CEUs.
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