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approved training organisation of APMP (ATO)

CSK: APMP Approved Training OrganisationCSK Management is an APMP Approved Training Organization (ATO) of APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals).

The company is one of the few authorized firms to offer APMP Foundation-level courses and exams.

With offices in Zurich, Giessen and Munich, CSK has been the pioneer for the APMP certification in the German speaking countries including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

All prospective ATOs must go through an exhaustive approval process to ensure they meet the high quality course delivery of APMP certification standards. The process includes designating a lead trainer, attending and auditing workshops led by APMP’s Chief Examiner, developing course materials that meet APMP certification standards and having those materials approved.

Engagement in APMP

Since 2007, our engagement in APMP was substantial:

  • Chris Kälin was part of the founding board of APMP DACH from 2007/2008 onwards. He served more than 7 years as a member of the APMP DACH board, including several years as chair.
  • CSK was key in bringing many corporate members on board (Swisscom, Bechtle, T-Systems, Panalpina, Arvato, Controlware, Jenoptik, Capgemini Poland, …).
  • CSK translated the entire Foundation slide deck (100+ pages) into German to penetrate the certification programme into the German-speaking market. No other ATO has made a similar effort.
  • While Chris Kälin was a member of the board of APMP international, he initiated the certificaton branding, another effort to promote APMP and its certification scheme.
  • CSK has led the organisation of 6 APMP DACH conferences and significantly contributed to additional 5 conferences.
  • In Chris Kälin's book, The Ultimate Bid and Proposal Compendium, more than 10 pages are dedicated to APMP and the certification scheme, in order to promote it.
  • CSK has always promoted APMP events, probably more than any other ATO.
  • Chris Kälin and Klaus Pohlmann are regularly well-received presenters at APMP events.
  • Since many years, to promote the association, CSK has been offering discounts to APMP members for eLearnings, books and other services and goods.