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APMP Foundation-Level Prep Webinar Series Winter 2021

webinar/webcast (English)
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Time of Webinar Session:

  • 07:30 a.m. PT (US)
  • 08:30 a.m. MT (US)
  • 10:30 a.m. ET (US)
  • 3.30. p.m. GMT (UK)
  • 16:30 CET (Central Europe)

The webinar is comprised of three training sessions of 60—75 minutes each. Experience shows that sessions longer than this result in a clearly reduced learning effect.

Between the Webinar sessions, you will (according to your level of experience and skills) be able to go through exercises and online sample questions.

The CSK Certification Training includes the following elements:

  • We guide you through the APMP-Syllabus to make sure you know which areas are potentially tested.
  • The five Key Competence Areas are:
    - Sales Orientation
    - Information Research and Knowledge Management
    - Proposal Planning
    - Proposal Development
    - Proposal Management
  • The participants learn the APMP specific terminology
  • To prepare for the exam, we guide the participants through typical sample questions
  • We provide hints for answering the exam questions most efficiently (types of questions, answering tactics, timing etc.)

With this interactive Certification Prep Webinar, CSK offers the proven Certification Preparation Workshop over the web (using our Zoom platform). To combine the cost benefit of a typical web-based solution with the advantages of an on-site training, CSK offers a series of three webinar sessions with a high level of interaction with a real trainer.
This means learners can resolve issues in real time and comprehension and retention is increased. To compensate with the potential disadvantage of the fact that you might not be able to attend all the sessions, we record all webinars for you so that you still have access to the same content, too.

After the Webinar series (but within 1 year after registration with APMP), you will individually log-in to take the online examination. Or you join our exam date on Feb 9, 2021.


All Dates

  • 2021-02-03
  • 2021-01-27
  • 2021-01-20